Prison Break Season 1 Episode 1: A Thrilling Escape Plan


Prison Break is a TV series that follows the daring exploits of Michael Scofield, a brilliant engineer who deliberately gets himself incarcerated in a maximum-security prison to help his brother Lincoln Burrows escape death row. The first episode of the series, titled “Pilot”, sets the stage for the thrilling escape plan that will unfold throughout the season. In this blog post, I will discuss some of the main aspects of the episode, such as:

The Characters and Their Motivations

The episode introduces us to the main characters of the series, each with their own backstory and motivation. Some of the most important ones are:

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– Michael Scofield: He is the protagonist of the series, a structural engineer who has a tattoo of the prison’s blueprints on his body. He is determined to save his brother Lincoln, who he believes was framed for the murder of the vice president’s brother. He has a genius-level IQ and a meticulous plan to break out of prison.

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– Lincoln Burrows: He is Michael’s older brother, who is on death row for a crime he did not commit. He has lost hope and resigned himself to his fate, until Michael shows up in his cell and tells him about his escape plan. He is loyal to his brother and willing to do anything to clear his name.

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– Veronica Donovan: She is Michael and Lincoln’s childhood friend, who is also a lawyer. She initially believes that Lincoln is guilty, but after receiving a mysterious phone call from an anonymous source, she decides to investigate his case and uncover the truth. She is brave and resourceful, but also in danger from powerful enemies.

Fernando Sucre.Prison Break
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– Fernando Sucre: He is Michael’s cellmate, who is serving time for robbery. He is friendly and humorous, but also has a temper and a weakness for women. He has a fiancée named Maricruz, who he loves dearly and wants to marry after getting out of prison. He becomes Michael’s ally and friend in his escape plan.

– Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell: He is one of the most notorious inmates in the prison, who is a leader of a white supremacist gang. He is sadistic and manipulative, and enjoys tormenting other prisoners. He has a keen interest in Michael and his tattoo, and tries to join his escape plan by blackmailing him.

– John Abruzzi: He is another influential inmate in the prison, who is a former mob boss. He is ruthless and violent, but also respects honor and loyalty. He has a vendetta against Fibonacci, a witness who testified against him and put him behind bars. He agrees to help Michael in his escape plan in exchange for Fibonacci’s location.

– Dr. Sara Tancredi: She is the prison doctor, who is also the daughter of the governor of Illinois. She is compassionate and idealistic, but also struggles with a past addiction to morphine. She develops a bond with Michael, who visits her frequently to get insulin shots for his fake diabetes. She is unaware of Michael’s true intentions and his feelings for her.

The Plot and the Twists

The episode follows Michael as he executes the first steps of his elaborate escape plan, which involves getting access to certain areas of the prison, making connections with certain inmates and staff members, and creating diversions and distractions. Along the way, he faces various obstacles and challenges, such as:

– Getting transferred to Fox River State Penitentiary, which is where Lincoln is held. He does this by robbing a bank and surrendering to the police, while hiding his identity and background.

– Getting assigned to the same cell block as Lincoln. He does this by bribing the prison guard Brad Bellick with money he hid in his shoe.

– Getting a meeting with Lincoln. He does this by starting a fight with another inmate and getting sent to the infirmary, where Lincoln works as an orderly.

– Getting a job in the prison’s maintenance crew. He does this by sabotaging the air conditioning system and impressing the supervisor Charles Westmoreland with his engineering skills.

– Getting access to the infirmary’s break room. He does this by faking diabetes and getting insulin shots from Dr. Tancredi, who trusts him because he saved her from an overdose.

– Getting access to the prison’s sewer system. He does this by stealing a bolt cutter from Abruzzi’s crew and cutting through a grate in the break room’s floor.

– Getting access to Lincoln’s cell. He does this by bribing Bellick again with more money and getting him to switch Sucre to another cell.

– Getting access to the prison’s roof. He does this by creating a hole in his cell’s wall and climbing through the pipes and ducts.

The episode also reveals some of the twists and secrets that will affect the escape plan and the characters’ fates, such as:

– Michael’s tattoo is not only a map of the prison, but also a code that contains various clues and instructions for his plan.

– Lincoln’s execution date is moved up by two weeks, giving Michael less time to execute his plan.

– Veronica’s anonymous source is Nick Savrinn, a young lawyer who works for Project Justice, an organization that fights for wrongfully convicted inmates.

– Fibonacci is under witness protection and his location is unknown to anyone except Agent Paul Kellerman, who works for the Secret Service and is part of the conspiracy that framed Lincoln.

– Westmoreland is actually D.B. Cooper, a legendary hijacker who stole $4 million in 1971 and parachuted out of a plane, never to be seen again. He hid the money somewhere before getting caught and sent to prison.

The Themes and the Messages

The episode explores some of the themes and messages that will recur throughout the series, such as:

– The concept of breaking out of prison as a metaphor for breaking free from the constraints and injustices of society.

– The contrast between Michael’s rational and calculated approach to his plan and Lincoln’s emotional and impulsive reactions to his situation.

– The question of whether the ends justify the means, and whether Michael’s actions are morally justified or not.

– The importance of family, loyalty, and friendship in times of adversity and danger.

– The corruption and manipulation of the political and legal system by powerful and sinister forces.

The Cinematography and the Music

The episode showcases some of the cinematography and music techniques that will enhance the mood and atmosphere of the series, such as:

– The use of handheld cameras and shaky shots to create a sense of realism and urgency.

– The use of blue and green filters to create a cold and bleak tone for the prison scenes.

– The use of close-ups and extreme close-ups to emphasize the emotions and expressions of the characters.

– The use of slow-motion and fast-motion to highlight the action and suspense sequences.

– The use of flashbacks and flash-forwards to provide background information and foreshadowing for the plot.

– The use of original music composed by Ramin Djawadi, who blends orchestral and electronic elements to create a dynamic and dramatic score.


The first episode of Prison Break is a captivating introduction to the series, which hooks the viewers with its intriguing premise, engaging characters, complex plot, relevant themes, and stylish presentation. It sets up the stage for an epic adventure that will keep the viewers on the edge of their seats until the end. Prison Break is a show that will challenge your mind, touch your heart, and thrill your senses. It is a show that you don’t want to miss.

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