What is Berkshire Hathaway and who owns it? their Top 5 Holdings, Largest Investments, Portfolio Breakdown, Top Picks and Favorite Companies.


Introduction Berkshire Hathaway is a conglomerate holding company that owns a variety of businesses, including insurance, energy, manufacturing, and retail. The company was founded in 1955 by Warren Buffett and has since become one of the most successful investment companies in the world. Their investment philosophy is based on value investing, which means buying stocks … Read more

Biden’s Build Back Better plan and its prospects in Congress. Will it benefit everyone? And will it be helpful for the next election?

You may have heard of the Build Back Better plan, which is President Biden’s ambitious agenda to invest in American families, communities, infrastructure, and clean energy. The plan includes two major bills: the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, which has already passed the Senate with support from both parties, and the Build Back Better Framework, which is … Read more

Thomas Alva Edison’s astonishing story of bulb : 15 year old boy’s Idea

Thomas Alva Edisons astonishing story of bulb 15 year old boys Idea

Thomas Alva Edison one of the greatest inventors ever. He was photographed next to a lightbulb so often that people came to believe he invented it. But he didn’t. Several inventors had demonstrated various versions of incandescent lights before he patented the first commercially successful lightbulb. He never crafted something out of nothing. His genius … Read more

Top 10 Greatest Facts about Nikola Tesla & his untold Story…

Top 10 Greatest Facts about Nikola Tesla his untold Story…

Here are some interesting facts about Nikola Tesla that many people may not know. Nikola Tesla’s Ideas weren’t recognized by everyone Despite his many accomplishments, Nikola Tesla was not considered as a better scientist by many people due to his unorthodox methods and eccentric personality. He was considered to be a visionary and was ahead … Read more